Finger Contracture Cushion
Description: Finger contracture cushions can also be useful for those undergoing various types of hand therapy as they can help reduce hand and finger movement. Finger contracture cushions are machine washable to help ensure longevity and sanitation. They are made...
Palm Contracture Cone
Description: The dark blue Palm Contracture Cone doesn’t limit patient finger mobility entirely, just enough so that they can’t cause themselves harm by removing their IV tubing, and it helps to maximize patient comfort levels by providing a natural and...
Palm Contracture Cone with Finger Separators
Description: Palm contracture cone with finger separators is made with a soft fabric and foam surface on top of a solid cone insert. The cone shape assists in maintaining a natural and comfortable resting position for the patient’s hand, helping...
SoftPro Functional Hand & Wrist Splint
Description: When adjusted and carefully strapped down, the splint allows patients wrists to be kept in place and maintain a neutral, natural position, even if patient is inclined to pronate their wrists or move and fidget. Made of high quality...
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