Handheld Pulse Oximeter, Rechargeable
Description: Defining convenience and portability, the handheld pulse oximeter provides SpO2 levels quickly, while only weighing less than 100 grams with its included battery. When healthcare professionals need an easy-to-carry yet sturdy piece of equipment for determining SpO2 levels, rechargeable...
Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
Description: Deluxe OLED is used for handheld pulse oximeter needs. Pulse Oximeter allows health practitioners, professionals, and at-home users to assess the oxygen levels of a patient’s blood with ease. As a non-invasive means of determining a patient’s oxygen level...
Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Monitor
PlethysmographVisual representation of your heartbeat. Consistent waveform represents good blood flow detected. Perfusion IndexNumerical representation of your pulse strength. Higher number corresponds to stronger pulse strength. Multi-Directional DisplayDisplay can be rotated, offering 6 different layout options. Choose the layout that...
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